Learn how Electricity Saving Box could save you from thousands of dollars

People have never realized how much electric do they consume until either they are taken away from it, or when the bill arrives. Electricity consumption is rapidly increasing each and every year. First of all, this is due to the increase in the amount of electrical goods that we use in our households on a daily basic. Such electrical goods could range from computers to slow cookers to hair dryers. No one could dispute how significant improved our quality of life and living with the help of everyday electrical goods.

It’s inevitable that people get used to that type of living, and would want to continue as such. It’s the blessings of economic growth and improved quality of living. Yet, simultaneously, the prices of electric will not go down any time soon. Until sustainable and renewable energy has been perfected – and that could easily take up to decades or even centuries – the answer will remain as a no. But the question remains, how can one slash their electricity bills?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is quite simple and readily available. It’s a simple device, called Electricity Saving Box.

It is a small and compact gadget designed specifically to reduce the amount of electrical consumption. As it avoids the wastage of electricity legally, there are no unlawful conduct in using the Electricity Saving Box and consumers would not be paying fines or even be under questionings.

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Advantages of Electricity Saving Box

These are some of the reviews left by the customers who have already been utilizing this Electricity Saving Box gadget:

Anik, 38

As an restaurant entrepreneur, leases of premises and utility bills costs me a fortune every month. Fortunately, this is all a thing in the past now! Electricity Saving Box has helped me to reduce the spending on electricity by approximately 20%. I even installed one now at home just to save some extra cash. Such a small device for such usefulness

Irma, 27

I’ve never really been occupied with electric bills until I became a mother and had one more person (even if it’s just a child right now!) join the family. My electric bills went through the roof! We started using our washing machine more often and the heating is on at all times. Not to mention other costs that you would have to pay know that you’re raising a child. For some people, having a huge bill for a utility seems to be normal as it’s a need, but I can’t and I won’t! Thankfully there exists this Electricity Savings Box. It’s so simple and handy – you just plug it in and you’re set! The first time I used it, the meter readings didn’t climb as high! Now instead of wasting so much money spending on electricity, I can spend it on more useful and needful things! So glad I don’t have such a huge electric bill anymore!

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Can Electricity Saving Box be used at any premises or any country?

Electricity Saving Box is worldwide known and used, and can be found in 50% of households in a major Western Countries. Aside from households, this light and compact device is also used for business. It does not require much space nor does it strike the eye, and it can perfectly blend in with any type of interior. The main requirement is to follow all safety guidelines:

  • Maximal air humidity should not exceed 85% (hence, the device can’t be used in the bathroom);
  • Maximal allowable capacity is between 5kW-19kW (it’s strongly advised not to exceed these levels);
  • Standard electric grid.

This energy and electrical saving device is perfect for all types of premises and especially electricity surges are likely to occur. Aside from that, a stable high-powered Internet connection relies heavily on a stable functioning electric grid, therefore if you are an employer, it is highly advisable to be using Electrical Savings Box to provide your business, employees, and/or clients with a stable and secure connection.

Electricity Saving Box principle of action

This portable energy saver can be bought and used by anyone and everyone that wants to save their resources. The use of this device requires no special skills or qualifications needed.

The main concept of this device is the reduction of electrical consumption and avoiding electrical wastage.

The biggest part of reactive power is transformed into active one, thereby reducing overall consumption of electricity for home appliances.

General characteristics:

Body: Plastic

Mass: 150 g

Dimensions: 12x7x4 cm

Operational temperature range: from -25 С° to + 60 С°

Maximal air humidity: 85.00%

100% legal!

Electricity Saving Box works in single-phasing mode 90-220V with allowable capacity from 5kW to 19kW. The device has four modules.

  1. Programmed controller;
  2. Lightning protection;
  3. Active filtration;
  4. Adjustment of power factor.

Besides, the device can:

  • Normalises the structure of electric field;
  • Reduces losses within the electric grid;
  • Eliminates power surges;
  • Reduces overall load on the wiring.

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Electricity Saving Box device has a range of positive qualities:

  • Simple to plug in and use;
  • Does not produce false readings of the meter but just transforms energy;
  • Eliminates shortfalls in the electric grid;
  • Absolutely legal;
  • Effective;
  • Payoff period is just two months;
  • Extends service life of home appliances;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Allows to save money maintaining usual levels of electricity consumption;
  • Compact and handy;
  • Does not produce any noise;
  • Effective, compact and simple in use;
  • Perfectly matches home interior;
  • Guaranteed increase of home appliances’ service life.

How soon will Electricity Saving Box pay off?

Your last electric ball will be drastically 30% less. Think of all the better and useful things you could purchase with that amount of savings you are able to achieve. Portable energy saver will be paying itself off between one to two months, depending on the amount you pay for electricity.

Electrical energy saver Electricity Saving Box saves the electricity wastage of

  • Electric kettle, bulb, toaster, coffee machine – by 30%;
  • Gas-fired boiler and fridge – by 40%;
  • TV, electric oven, heater, iron – by 45%;
  • Aircon, washing machine, computer – by 50%.

Remember that electrical saving is possible! Learn how to consume electricity wisely using Electricity Saving Box.

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