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Buying a rejuvenating cream for skin is not a problem for women these days. Shelves and shelves of beauty stores or pharmacies are filled with remedies for skin which suit any and every taste and pocket. Women’s aspiration for remaining young and attractive is a biological desire and is predetermined by nature. Thus, nature provides women with the best remedies to maintain one’s beauty and youth.

Goji Berries are truly a nature’s gift. The people of Tibet have been utilizing the berries for various medicines for centuries. Only recently that the goji berries made a breakthrough worldwide with their various therapeutic properties. However, now, all the beneficial properties are concentrated in the rejuvenating Goji Cream from Hendel’s Garden to aid women in keeping their skin young and firm.

Buying dried goji berries is quite simple. But only fresh berries have qualities like

  • Concentration of vitamin C higher than in fresh oranges;
  • Contain approximately 20 amino acids;
  • Rich in vitamin E;
  • Rich in iron;
  • Rich in group B vitamins.

Unfortunately, trying to maintain the freshness of the berries is very difficult. On top of that, the Goji Cream contains extract that influences the facial skin heavily only the freshest berries could provide.

before and after

Aside from keeping the skin firm and elastic, these fresh and natural goji berries extracts fend off age-related changes such as:

  • Expression wrinkles;
  • Facial contours changes;
  • Dryness;
  • Age-related pigmentation.

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Who should use Hendel’s Goji Cream

Keeping yourself looking young with glowing and wrinkle-free skin is a long and painstaking process. As the skin is primarily affected by age, it slowly starts fading and losing its young appearance. Wrinkles will start to form and skin spots would have developed as well. Usually, significant and apparent changes to the skin would be more noticeable when a person enters their 30s. On top of that, environment, diet, and stress affects the appearance too, boosting the ageing process and complicating the problems that has arisen years before.

  • Thickness of the basal layer of the skin reduces, causing dryness and parchment-like appearance of the skin;
  • The production of collagen and elastin lessen and the skin loses its firmness, and wrinkles would start to appear;
  • Muscles lose their tone causing the distortion of facial contours, losing its natural shape and sag.

Deep nasolabial folds (smile/laugh lines), hard skin on their eyelids (eyebags), neck wrinkles (what commonly known as ‘turkey neck’), and a double chin (if overweight) starts to develop further after reaching the young age of 40.

There is no need to further list the effects of ageing on skin. There are no true age-reversing medicine out there. However, you can take easy and safe steps in taking care of your skin and appearance. Signs of ageing can be slowed down with appropriate skin care, and be aware of what is and will happen to your body.

Goji Cream Customer’s feedback

Read some of the reviews left by other people so you could determine how effective the cream is to all types of skin and age:

Nara, 49

I just recently became a grandmother but I realized I shouldn’t be skimping on taking care of myself! I always get compliments regarding how young I look in comparison to my age! I added Goji Cream into my skin regime a long time and have been using it as day cream ever since. It’s so good it makes my skin brighter and my wrinkles are noticeably less! My complexion is so much better too. Probably the price is too steep, but honestly any other cheaper or even with the same price tag wouldn’t be as effective as this cream. I pay for quality and how good it works, and Goji Cream has never disappointed me.

Alisa, 35

I’ve never really cared for my appearance before but with age, it’s a very hard thing to be overlooked! I started to realize that my laugh lines are becoming more and more obvious whenever I look in the mirror. It made me panic to be honest. I made a decision that I shouldn’t just let it happened, so I tried using rejuvenating masks with alternative medicine but the majority of the them takes so much time to prepare of were just too yucky to even be considered. “Suffering for beauty” has never been so true at that time. Then, my friend told me about the Goji Cream for rejuvenation from Hendel’s Garden and it’s truly a lifesaver! Over the month of using this cream ONLY, my skin regained it’s smoothness 10 years ago! The laugh lines just disappear of my face!

Wenda, 53

For many years I’ve worked long hours in the sun. And you know what they say that the sun truly does affect your skin if you have no protection on yourself. The first wrinkle I ever noticed was when I was 25 but I just didn’t really care for it. However, recently I started noticing that my face contours started to disappear and everything sagged. I told my daughter, and she gave me this Goji Cream saying that it’ll work wonders to regain back how I looked. And what she said really was true! The cream helped tightened my skin, as if I underwent a surgery or something!

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Instructions on Goji Cream

If you buy this cosmetic product, please read the direction for use and adhere to it. Besides, there are some recommendations on how to use this cream, which are very common to any other facial cream.

Goji Cream
  1. Don’t use facial cream less than 30 minutes prior to leaving home;
  2. Have an allergy test;
  3. Chose a product basing on your skin type. It can be dry, oily or combination;
  4. Put the facial cream onto the skin free of makeup and dirt.

Goji cream should be applied once a day, at any time which suits you. You can use the cream as a foundation for makeup or as a night cream.

Goji Cream directions for use

  1. Remove all cosmetics and dirt from your face. Use quality products to remove makeup. A refreshing tonic can be used too;
  2. Goji Cream should be put onto the face with gentle circular movements and spread along massage lines;
  3. The cream remains active for 24 hours after it’s been applied. Repeat the procedure the next day after washing your face with warm water or after removing make up.

Visible effect can be observed approximately after two weeks of regular use.

Attention! In order to get authentic Hendel’s Garden products, buy the cream on the official website only.

The price of Goji Cream is too cheap to be passed over with it’s proven effectiveness on all types of skins and age. This cream is your right hand in the fight for youth and beauty.

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